June 9, 2014

Winner of the Tony Bowls Modeling Contest


Congratulations to Ashton Craft, Instagram name _Ashy, who is the winner of the Tony Bowls model search. Ashton will be flying down to South Beach with Tony and I to shoot his Spring 2015 Collection and will appear in the marketing material that we will use to promote Tony Bowls throughout this season.

Follow Ashton on Instagram and watch for her behind the scenes photos. You’ll be seeing a lot of her in the months to come.

Continued Model Search…

If you didn’t make the cut that doesn’t mean that you are cut out forever. Tony and I still have a short list of models resulting from the photo shoot that we will be pulling from in the future. Additionally, we are always looking for new models. To enter our continued model search, simply upload a picture of yourself onto Instagram with the hashtag #TonyBowlsModel. And then be sure to follow @TonyBowls so that I can contact you when I need to see additional photos.

I’ll be looking through these photos weekly to keep my eye out for the next Ashton Craft.


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