February 27, 2014

June wins in her Tony Bowls!


“My beautiful Tony Bowl’s dress was worn when I competed for the title of Miss Massachusetts’ Outstanding Teen, and then for Miss Greater Holyoke’s OT, which I won, including best formal wear! I got my dress from Ci Ci Boutique, and enjoyed wearing it for my official crown pictures as well! Thank you for your amazing designs!”

Tony Girl June, Miss Greater Holyoke’s Outstanding Teen 2014 from Massachusetts looks amazing in her TONY BOWLS. Love elegant blues with ruched bodices? Check out TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11323. http://tonybowls.com/evenings/evening-dresses/tbe11323/?fc=23


February 25, 2014

Mirka looks stunning in her printed Tony Bowls.


“I wore this dress to the wedding of my friend. Thank you Tony!”

Tony Girl Mirka, a makeup artist from Slovakia looks stunning in her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS. Love prints? Then check out TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11450. See it here: http://tonybowls.com/evenings/evening-dresses/tbe11450/?fc=23


February 24, 2014

Skylar shines in her Tony Bowls.


“I love my coral Tony Bowls gown. I have worn it several times and get lots of compliments. I wore it in Teen Miss Hartsville and Teen Miss Aynor both of which I won!”

Tony Girl Skylar from Hartsville, South Carolina shines in her TONY BOWLS. Love bright dresses? Then check out TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11403. See it here: http://tonybowls.com/evenings/evening-dresses/tbe11403/?fc=23


February 23, 2014

Leela looks lovely in her ruffled Tony Bowls.


“I bought this dress from Gipper Formal Wear. I’ve worn this dress for two pageants and will soon be wearing it again for another pageant. One of which I was 4th runner up. When I first went to try on dresses at Gippers, I had no clue what kind of dress to try on. This dress jumped out at me on the rack and it was the first one I tried on. I knew the second I put it on that this is my dress for future pageants and prom! I LOVE it!”

Tony Girl Leela from Lake In the Hills, Illinois looks lovely in her Yellow Tony Bowls. Love ruffled, dropped waist dresses? Then check out TONY BOWLS PARIS, Style No. 114737. http://tonybowls.com/paris/homecoming-dresses/114737/?fc=25


February 22, 2014

Kylee strikes a pose in her Green Tony Bowls.


“I wore this dress when I was Freshman Football Homecoming Attendant.  As soon as I put it on I was in love!!  I am now a junior.  Can’t wait to find my next Tony Bowls dress to my Junior prom in April!!!”

Tony Girl Kylee from Neosho, MIssouri strikes a pose in her green Tony Bowls. Find your dream dress here: www.tonybowls.com


February 21, 2014

Marissa and Brooke, both Outstanding Teens look gorgeously similar in their black Tony Bowls.


Tony Girl Marissa ~ Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen 2011 (on the left) and Tony Girl Brooke ~ Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen 2011 (on the right), both look gorgeous and amazingly similar for their photo shoots!

For an equally stunning black strapless gown, check out TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11454. See it here: http://tonybowls.com/evenings/evening-dresses/tbe11454/?fc=23


February 20, 2014

Sweet Jewel received many compliments on her Pink Tony Bowls.


“This is my 12 year old daughter. She wore this gorgeous gown in a local pageant. When other girls saw her they just stared and asked what age group she was in. We received so many compliments on how beautiful her dress was and how it looked on her. She won 1st runner-up, most beautiful and best fashion. We love your dresses and hope to be purchasing another one very soon.”

Tony Girl Jewel from Leesville, Louisiana looks sweet in her TONY BOWLS. For a similar dropped waist, gathered skirt look, check out TONY BOWLS PARIS, Style No. 114746. http://tonybowls.com/paris/homecoming-dresses/114746/?fc=25


February 19, 2014

Hailey is striking in her single sleeve Tony Bowls Evenings.


“I wore this dress to my Junior Prom last year. I absolutely loved it and never wanted to take it off! I felt as though this dress was made for me. Thank you, Tony Bowls!”

Tony Girl Hailey from Tennessee looks striking in her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11315. To get Hailey’s look check out: http://tonybowls.com/evenings/evening-dresses/tbe11315/?fc=23


February 18, 2014

Kiahna feels “confident” in her Tony Bowls!


“Every time I wear my Tony Bowls’ dresses I can feel myself beaming! I feel confident, like I can conquer my dreams and more!”

“Kiahna wore the Gold Le Gala dress in the Miss Kansas United States pageant and won her division Miss Junior Teen Kansas United States 2013.
She wore the Blue sequin dress at the Miss Junior Teen United States National Pageant in Washington, D.C. and will crown her successor in that same dress in April. The Blue dress was sponsored by Natalie M. She was Top 2 in The People’s Choice Award at Nationals.”

Tony Girl Kiahna from Kansas, rocks her TONY BOWLS LE GALA, Style No. 113513. To get Kiahna’s look check out: http://tonybowls.com/legala/prom-dresses/113513/?fc=24


February 17, 2014

Lovely Shianne wears Tony Bowls Evenings to her junior prom.


“I wore this dress for my Junior Prom. Immediately when I first saw this dress, I knew it was the one that I wanted and it was a hit! Everyone loved it and so did I! Thank you for designing this beautiful dress that I get to call mine!”

Tony Girl Shianne from Odessa, Missouri looks lovely in her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11310. To get Shianne’s look, check out: http://tonybowls.com/evenings/evening-dresses/tbe11310/?fc=23