March 19, 2014

Andre is bewitching in her Le Gala.


“Tony, all the dresses that you design are stunning, but this one caught my eye. I love being able to wear a dress that makes me feel feminine, beautiful and confident. This dress reflects my personality and I love wearing it at special occasions.”

Tony Girl Andre, from Bucharest, Romania is bewitching in her TONY BOWLS LE GALA. Love prints? Then check out TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11450 here:


March 18, 2014

Katie shines in her “Lucky Tony!”


“I bought this beautiful gown from Becky’s Bridal & Formal in Buena Vista Virginia. I fell in love with this dress after I modeled it in the “Its My Prom Fashion Show.” I wore this gown to my Junior prom and multiple pageants and every time I wore this stunning gown I have always won. I call it my “lucky Tony.” I can not wait for my next pageant so I can get another Tony Bowls’ dress and have more luck! Thanks Tony, your dresses are always fabulous!”

Tony Girl Katie, from Covington, Virginia shines in her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, from the Spring 2012 Collection. Like the high ~ low look? Then check out TONY BOWLS LE GALA, Style No. 114514 here:


March 17, 2014

Danielle loves her “simple but elegant” Tony.


“I wore this dress twice, and I absolutely loved it! This picture was taken at our local pageant. It is the fluorspar pageant. I live in Herod, IL. which is a very rural area in Southern Illinois. I also wore this for my Senior homecoming. It was so simple, but elegant at the same time. I received many compliments on it!”

Tony Girl Danielle looks gorgeous in her yellow TONY BOWLS. Love bright yellow? Check out this Mango/Black EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11403 here:


March 16, 2014

Janette rocks her Tony Bowls Evenings.


“I felt amazing in this dress and I am glad, that as a manager of a store, Svadobný salón Janette I can offer Tony Bowls dresses to the girls in Slovakia, Thanks Tony!”

Tony Girl Janette from Slovakia, rocks her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS from the Spring 2011 Collection. For a similar look, check out:


March 15, 2014

Alia is addicted to her Tony dresses!


“I am so in love with Tony dresses I have more of his gowns than any other. The first time I met Tony backstage at Miss Arkansas I was about 14-15 and was shamelessly giddy at the sheer privilege of meeting him. He is the only designer that I can buy off the rack in a size 0. I adore his work, and would buy everything always! Even in my addiction to fashion I will always buy more of his than anyone else. I look forward to eventually being able to get a custom Tony!”

Tony Girl Alia from Fort Smith Arkansas, looks radiant in her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11302. Get Alia’s look here:


March 14, 2014

Lovely Madison knew this Evenings gown was “the one!”


“I absolutely love this dress! It looked amazing for my recent pageants, and I received so many compliments! The back of the gown was especially gorgeous! It’s definitely my favorite formal gown that I’ve ever worn! I have worn it now for three pageants this year; the first in which I received first-runner up and two of which I won! (Miss Germantown Outstanding Teen and my highschool pageant – Miss Apache Princess) I am so happy to have found such a beautiful gown. We tried on numerous dresses prior to this one, but once I put this dress on I knew it was the one! Tony really knows how to make girls shine with his gown designs!”

Tony Girl Madison (with her sister Anna Claire) from Minden, Louisiana looks lovely in her TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11404. Check it out here:


March 13, 2014

Haleigh sparkles in her gold Tony Bowls.


“Absolutely loved the fit of this dress! The stones stood out on stage and was very graceful!! I wore this in the Northeast Community College Pageant in my hometown of Booneville, Mississippi!”

Tony Girl Haleigh, sparkles in her TONY BOWLS PARIS, Style No. 113720. To get Haleigh’s look, check out:


March 12, 2014

Tony Mom Jennifer, dazzles in her Le Gala at a Mardi Gras Ball.


“Thank you for this fabulous gown. I wore this at the Krewe of Gemini Mardi Gras Grand Ball. This is the Mardi Gras Captain and myself. The quality of the dress was amazing and was actually extremely comfortable and easy to wear. You are a truly amazing artist. I will definitely shop your line again for next years Ball.”

Tony Girl Jennifer from Bossier City, Louisiana dazzles in her TONY BOWLS LE GALA, Style No. 114530. Get Jennifer’s look here:


March 11, 2014

Kat, Mrs. New Mexico America rocks her purple Tony Bowls.


“Wearing a Tony Bowls dress ignites my inner strength and confidence as a woman and how I feel about myself is more important than how I look!”

Tony Girl Kat, Mrs. New Mexico America 2013 from Albuquerque, wore this “amazing Purple Tony” during the week of events at Mrs. America this past year. Rock a purple sequin dress like Kat, and check out TONY BOWLS LE GALA, Style No. 114506 ~


March 10, 2014

Kayla looks beautiful in her Tony Bowls at junior prom.


“I wore this gorgeous gown to my junior prom a couple years ago. The material was so comfortable and flowed beautifully. It was not an over the top dress like I usually wear, but it was elegant, and the beading was just enough to really catch your eye! It is definitely a classy style. I can’t part with this gown as it’s still hanging in my closet for future pageants or events! Thank you Tony!”

Tony Girl Kayla from southern West Virginia, looks beautiful in her TONY BOWLS. Like slim fitting jersey dresses like Kayla? Then check out TONY BOWLS EVENINGS, Style No. TBE11404: