May 7, 2014

Elegant Evening Style No TBE21400


When it comes to the “classic” look, Tony comes in first place. When you find a gown that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to go with it truly is a perfect fit. This style is so simple and sophisticated, but with a deep, dark smokey eye, and a soft updo, you take this gown to a different level.

The class and sophistication is still very dominant, but now you’ve reached an outstanding level of sexy and mature. No longer are you the sweet young lady trying to look flirty and fun, but now you are a woman who is sexy, classy, and has full reigns of the night (and the boys).

You will have them wrapped around your finger in this gorgeous black lace simple gown, but still be the classy woman you are and shoot them down. Take this elegant evening gown, TBE21400, and keep the heads rolling.


May 6, 2014

Baby Blue Vintage Flare: Style No TBE11403


Sometimes a fitted gown just isn’t what you are looking for. If you are someone who is looking to have a flowy and sophisticated gown, this is style no. With it’s simple pop of black color on the bust, it really accentuates any girls figure up top, and draws the eyes of everyone looking at you, to your face.

It is flowing and fun, and yet still so classy and glamorous. With some pop of blue eyeshadow, some voluminous hair, or simple updo, and simple black jewelry, you have taken this gown to it’s full potential and made yourself the one no one could even dare to forget. Keep the eyes on you all night in this TBE11403.


May 5, 2014

Peek-A-Boo Gold: Style No TS11350


Wanting to pop at your next event? Style No TS11350 gives the perfect little details to making you stand out and look fabulous. The “peek-a-boo” gold gives a sparkling touch to this sophisticated little black dress. And paired with the perfect nails, eyeshadow, and even a gold cuff hair accessory, you will wrap this look all together and steal the show.

With it’s one shoulder, asymmetrical, and slight bunching, everything going on with this dress makes it one of a kind. So why not make it yours, and truly go out of the box to make your style one of a kind with your hair, make up, nails, and accessories; go out of the box to make your “whole package” look, one that will always be peek-a-booing in their mind.


May 2, 2014

Golden Glamour Style No TBE21440


Old Hollywood Glamour is a trend that never goes out of style. It is the look of luxury, and the look of fame. From the “Audrey”, “Marilyn”, “Daisy”, or “Grace”, all of these looks are styles that remember the women who define the word “glamour” perfectly.

Style No TBE21440, is the perfect gown to help create this Hollywood Glamour look. Combine this gown with some voluminous curls, or a vintage updo, accentuated by a sparkling pair of earrings and some sexy, smoldering, smokey eyes who knows.. You may become the next glamour girl.


May 1, 2014

Lets Push The Fashion Limits…Tony Style


Looking for a special cocktail that will blow the rest out of the water? Tony Bowls Shorts, style no TS21452 gives every bit of the modern, trendy, and chic look that will keeps the heads rolling and the boys calling. Match that with the right pair of heels, such as the Tony Bowls JENNY or CELIA, and you can make a statement that will last forever.

But don’t stop there! Have the full package, and top your look off with the right hairdo. Something edgy could help you stick with the fashion forward vibe, and you could easily hold it all together with a teased ponytail and fierce eye makeup. Be unique, be bold, be edgy, be YOU. And in a Tony, you can hit those standards, but still go above and beyond.

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April 30, 2014

Sexy and Sophisticated: Style No TBE21432


The sexy and sophisticated look is showcased perfectly in TBE21433. From it’s sleek design, to it’s modern trend, you get a gown that is timeless and beautiful. This gown is perfect to help show off your figure, but is also forgiving enough to give you the figure you’ve always wanted. With it’s embellished bodice, and sweetheart neckline, you’re getting just the right amount of bling without going overboard.

The simplicity of this gown is what makes it fit the perfect description of sexy and sophisticated. And this gown will make any girl feel like the belle of the ball. With some big sexy curls, big blinged accessories, and even a pop of red lipstick, you will own the night faster than someone can ask “wait, is that a Tony?”.


April 29, 2014

Shine Bright in Style 114721 with the Genesis Tuxedo


Matching with your date is always a must, but sometimes it’s hard to pair the right gown with the right tuxedo. Lucky for us, evening gowns are not the only thing we good at making.

Tony Bowls Tuxedos are perfectly made to be paired with any Tony Bowls Gown. In this image along side of Style No 114731 we have featured the Genesis Slim Fit tuxedo.

Style No 114731 is right for the girl who loves ANYTHING shiny…and what girl doesn’t love that? Slip into this gown with some big, blinged earrings to match, and simple yet shimmering nails then you can own the night with this glittering gown. This combination will cause you to shine bright…like a diamond (just like Rhianna said).


April 28, 2014

Style No 114728: Sophisticated & Sexy


This gorgeous combo with Style No 114728 has become one of my favorites. The sophisticated yet sexy look is something most girls strive for, and this is the perfect combination to create that look. With the intricate detail of sparkle and mermaid fit, you can take full reign of being the “Queen of Fabulous” when you work this gown.

If you are looking to be the next Daisy at your event, pick up this style to give you a look that will keep the heads turning and jaws dropping. You’re radiant, and your gown should compliment your best features, and this gown does exactly that. Show your inner Daisy; radiate like the sophisticated diamond you are.


April 25, 2014

Top 5 TonyBowlsTBT Favorites


Thanks to social media labeling Thursday’s now as “Throwback Thursday” (don’t lie, you’ve thrown back a time or two, we are all guilty of it) we have began a new way to showcase our girls from the past and present! Whether your Tony was worn 5 years ago or even 5 days ago throw it back next Thursday so we can showcase YOU!

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This week we had a few favorites…

Starting with @caitlinw022 who was rockin’ the beautiful purple full sequin gown that she wore to her high school prom 2013. Thanks for the throwback Caitlin, we love it!

Next, we have from Instagram @jnfonville who posted her Tony Bowls throwback in the gorgeous, teal, mermaid gown that she wore at her final year competing in Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen where she claimed the title of 2nd Runner-Up overall! Awesome job Jordan! This style, and sharp color look so beautiful on you. Thanks for the shoutout!

Our next fave is from Instagram, @princessemilyy_96 who wore this beautiful, flowing Tony Bowls when she won Miss Jr. Teen United States. Emily is the current Miss West Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 2013. Talk about an OUTSTANDING resume huh? Love the way you shine in this gown Emily, and thanks for the throwback! Good luck in your future pageant endeavors.

Coming in with a striking, red, evening gown, we have @missohio2013 from Instagram. This gown helped Heather win her local title, which then progressed her to Miss Ohio! Awesome job Heather. This gown is stunning on you, and definitely is an award winning gown and throwback! Thanks for the shoutout, Heather!

To wrap up our favorites, we have @mjschmidt77 in this “too fun not to fave” throwback that she shouted out on Instagram! She strutted the sang singing a duet to “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”. Well I couldn’t agree more sister. Give a girl the right Tonys gown and she can take on the world… That’s the quote right?;) Thanks for the throwback Miranda!

Love these gowns? Let us know! Want to have a chance and be one of our favorites? Every Thursday we will be checking the #TonyBowlsTBT and picking our favorite throwbacks.


April 24, 2014

Post Your Tony Bowls Throw Back Pics and Be Featured


Today is Thursday and, thanks to Instagram, Thursday has become lovingly known as #TBT, which means “Throw Back Thursday”. In the office the staff and I are all hanging up our old prom pictures so in light of that I thought it would be cute if my digital family posted their “Tony Bowls Throw Back Pics”.

If you want to participate all you have to do is post a picture on Instagram and/or Twitter of yourself in a Tony Bowls gown that you have worn in the past with the hashtag #TonyBowlsTBT.

(Side note: the past could be last week)

When you do this your picture will show up in an album on the Tony Bowls Fan Page and we will write an article tomorrow featuring our favorite throwback pics.

I’m looking forward to going through all of your pictures!