August 29, 2014

Click To Win Any Gown That You See During the Miss America Pageant


In April 2014, Tony Bowls was named the Official Evening Gown Designer for the Miss America Pageant and for this partnership, Tony created 53 custom gowns for each of the Miss America contestants.

Yep – Tony not only designs for prom girls all across America but he also personally designed each gown for all 53 contestants at Miss America.

On September 14th, at 8pm EST on ABC you can watch all 53 of his creations walk across the stage and will have the opportunity to win one of the gowns by simply tweeting or liking us on Facebook.

With just a click of a button, you could look like Miss America at your next homecoming, prom or gala event. It’s not everyday that a girl gets the opportunity to buy, let alone win, a custom gown designed by an internationally recognized designer who has won two Prom Designer of the Year – DEBI Awards and is in the running for his third.

The winner of the Miss America Gown Giveaway will be announced on September 17th at 5pm EST with specific instructions on how to claim her gown. So, be sure to watch the pageant on September 14th and pick out the gown of your dreams and to register to win by clicking below.


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June 9, 2014

Winner of the Tony Bowls Modeling Contest


Congratulations to Ashton Craft, Instagram name _Ashy, who is the winner of the Tony Bowls model search. Ashton will be flying down to South Beach with Tony and I to shoot his Spring 2015 Collection and will appear in the marketing material that we will use to promote Tony Bowls throughout this season.

Follow Ashton on Instagram and watch for her behind the scenes photos. You’ll be seeing a lot of her in the months to come.

Continued Model Search…

If you didn’t make the cut that doesn’t mean that you are cut out forever. Tony and I still have a short list of models resulting from the photo shoot that we will be pulling from in the future. Additionally, we are always looking for new models. To enter our continued model search, simply upload a picture of yourself onto Instagram with the hashtag #TonyBowlsModel. And then be sure to follow @TonyBowls so that I can contact you when I need to see additional photos.

I’ll be looking through these photos weekly to keep my eye out for the next Ashton Craft.


May 30, 2014

Tony Bowls Finalist Models Revealed – Did You Make the List?


Over the last two weeks Instagram saw a massive influx of girls posting pictures with the hashtag, #TonyBowlsModel. With over 8,000 entries Tony and I had our work cut out for us in the screening process. So, I fired up the coffee pot and Tony popped open a Coke, which is his preferred beverage.

5 hours, and several beverages later we had went through all 8,000 pictures to select the Top 20 Finalists. From this list Tony will select his newest model to come down to South Beach try on gorgeous gowns in luxurious places this July.

Did you make the cut? Click the “Like” below now to find out!

Look for your Instagram screen name below. If you are one of the finalists that we selected then look in your direct message box for a message from @TonyBowls. Follow those instructions to qualify for our final audition. Good luck! @tlbroocks @AngelSamples @TheNicoleJSmith @Jada_Clark @AshleyTBrooks @Merritt_Margo @MissPhoenix2014 @SabrinaWarner19 @Vanibella_97 @PeaceForever_ @Jenny_Monson @KandaceHarbin @AllieCoppaxo @_Madisonic_ @MissTeenMo2014 @SavannahPalacio @Tarchash @Mackenzie_Earls @SydneyMartinez @Paolavela12 @EmmaKaatte @_ashy




May 27, 2014

Trust Your Inner Voice


We all have an inner voice. But, the voice is small and quiet. When you are alone with your thoughts and without distractions this voice whispers to you in such fading speech that you wonder if anything was spoken at all.

Trust the whisper. Follow the path it suggests. This is your connection with eternity. It’s your life compass. It will not fail you.

 Featured Style No 214C77


May 16, 2014

Pure Elegance: TBE11417


TBE11417 style evening down is the definition of simplistic, pure, elegance. The natural beauty of this evening gown brings out the pure elegance and beauty from within you. With beautiful chandelier earrings and soft updo this wear is ready for the red carpet. Don’t worry about going too overboard on make up either. Using a light shimmer and a dramatic eye liner, this makes the look pop just a little more. Nothing more is needed to take this elegant look any further. So grab you Chanel No. 5, and prepare your perfect Marilyn/Audrey look because this remarkable style, and whole package you pull off will give a new meaning of beauty, style, and pure elegance.


May 15, 2014

Seeking New Tony Bowls Models For Spring 2015 Collection


Last weekend I was with Tony Bowls in South Beach and we were scouting out new locations for his Spring 2015 Photo shoot that is coming up in July. With our locations now secured our minds then turned to who we were going to use for models.

So this year we have decided to do something that we have never done before – we are going to allow the our followers to submit their photos for an opportunity to become a Tony Bowls Model.

Do you think you have the look?

We are looking for females of all ages and sizes to be featured in the Spring 2015 collection. To be considered please upload a picture of yourself to Instagram with your height, the state where you currently live and include the hashtag #TonyBowlsModel.

(The hashtag is very important…without it I will not be able to find you).

Then be sure to follow Tony on Instagram so that I can message you when we are interested in having you model for us.

If you believe that you have the look but feel like you are too young, too old, too short or too heavy I encourage you to submit your picture anyway and let me be the judge of that.

As Tony Bowls new brand manager I’m looking to help him create a new look and your look could be just the look that we are looking for.

I’ll see you on Instagram.


May 14, 2014

Be YOUnique: TBE11409A


Spring into some bright colors with this TBE11409A style. From pinks and blues to anything else in the mixture, this gown is ideal for anyone looking to stay true to their bright self for their event. This gown is the perfect combination of color and shine, so your natural beauty isn’t overpowered and this gown compliments you perfectly. The v neckline, small cut out, and detailed back truly make you stand out of crowd in this gown. With voluminous curls or an elegant updo, however you wish to put the full package together, your unique style will always be showcased. So take this little number out into the crowd and you won’t just be turning heads, you’ll be breaking necks! Be unique and be you in this Tony Bowls TBE11409a.


May 12, 2014

Audrey Hepburn Fairytale Fashion: Style No TBE11458


What girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess every now and then…Or all the time? When wearing this TBE11458 feathered gown, you can’t help but feel like a beautiful mash up of “Cinderella meets Audrey Hepburn”.

This style is classy and timeless, yet fun and flirty. With an intricate updo, some bright make up, and pearls on pearls on pearls, you will pull this look together in no time. The perfect “Audreyella” look is so close to your fingertips, you can already feel the light touch of the feathers against your skin.

The only thing more this gown needs is a beautiful girl ready to make Prince Charming fall head over heels for her before the clock strikes 12. FairygodTony is standing close by with a wand in hand, ready to send you on your way.

So what are you waiting for? Your fairytale awaits you.


May 8, 2014

Jordan rocks her hi-lo turquoise Paris.


“I’ve tried on many dresses, but every time I try on a Tony Bowls’ dress it feels like it was made for me.  I always feel like a princess every time I wear one of his dresses.”

Tony Girl Jordan from Wyoming, rocks her turquoise Tony Bowls Paris.  Love Jordan’s hi-lo look?  Check out this similar Tony Bowls Paris, Style No. 114748, here:


May 8, 2014

Bid For Lace: Style No TS21454 with the TAYLOR heel


When it comes to lace, this Tonys Shorts style TS21454 will have every jaw dropping the moment you walk through the door. The perfect duo is this cocktail and Tonys TAYLOR heel.

Not only is the bootie style a hot fashion right now, but the matching lace in the heels and this dress tie everything together. All you need is some bombshell hair and make up to top it off and you’re going going gone!

With this look, the deal is done and the auction is off. You’ve sold the competition, and left the room speechless. So what are you waiting for? The bidding begins with you.