September 5, 2014

Miss South Carolina 2014, Lanie Hudson


-Crowned Miss South Carolina on June 28th 2014


September 5, 2014

Miss Rhode Island 2014, Ivy DePew


-Crowned Miss Rhode Island on June 15th 2014


September 5, 2014

Miss Pennsylvania 2014, Amanda Smith


-Crowned Miss Pennsylvania on June 14th 2014
-Her personal platform is Fitness and Nutrition: The Key to Healthy Living
-Enjoys being outdoors
-Loves to cook


September 5, 2014

Miss New Hampshire 2014, Megan Cooley


-Crowned Miss New Hampshire on May 3rd 2014
-Her platform is Championing Abilities


September 5, 2014

Miss Utah 2014, Karlie Major


-Crowned Miss Utah on June 21st 2014
-Her platform is Get Real- Using Media Smarts to Promote a Positive Body Image
-She is a vegetarian
-Was awarded All-American Cheerleader
-Participated in a French Study Abroad program


August 21, 2014

Miss Oregon 2014, Rebecca Anderson


-Crowned Miss Oregon on June 28th 2014


August 19, 2014

Miss Delaware 2014, Brittany Lewis


-Crowned Miss Delaware on June 14th 2014
-Her personal platform is Domestic Violence Awareness
-Wants to obtain a Ph. D
-Hopes to one day host her own television show on MSNBC or CNN


August 19, 2014

Miss Wisconsin 2014, Raeanna Johnson


-Crowned Miss Wisconsin on June 21st 2014
-Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in Organizational and Professional Communication Studies and Women and Gender Studies
-Comes from a large family of seven children
-Shares a birthday with the state of Wisconsin
-First Miss Wisconsin to hold the title twice


August 19, 2014

Miss Oklahoma 2014, Alex Eppler


-Crowned Miss Oklahoma on June 7th 2014
-Graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Medical Science and a minor in Health and Exercise Science
-Plans to become a physician assistant
-Has taught health seminars and treated patients in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Kenya
-Her personal platform is Dare 2 Care: Random Acts of Kindness where she hopes to spread the message on how kindness makes an impact on others


August 18, 2014

Miss Ohio 2014, Mackenzie Bart


-Crowned Miss Ohio on June 21st 2014
-Her personal platform is Universal Newborn Screening (UNS) because her younger sister’s medical condition was not caught on the newborn heel prick screen
-Has a passion for keeping others safe
-Currently a senior at The Ohio State University in Columbus studying Atmospheric Sciences
-Wants to host her own children’s educational weather program